atb #16 | K2ao

K2ao, love, work and a space in berlin
K2ao, Klasse2aufbauorganisation München

Opening Saturday 5th July, 18 h
Performances at 18:30 h and at 22:30 h

Exhibition: 7th July – 23rd August

For opening hours please call ++49(0)179-9473040
closed: 16.-31. July

K: What was that supposed to mean?
For one, there were scenes like the ones we were in, those with the prostitutes or with the landlords, which could be interpreted as an everyday fashist behavior, as a critique of capitalism in general or of the art market in particular

2: On the other hand, there was the scene with the dancer, the thriving force, excess… rationally not understandable.

A: And then there was this text by Otto Gross – a scene that might point to possibilities of how to break through the vicious circle, how we could proceed.

O: Maybe the authors, that means K2ao, want to point to the fact, that we have to get rid of the tight armor that protects and confines us.

K: But who is K2ao actually?

2: Are they not equally exposed to the ruling order as we are?

A: In order to break away from our roles we have to confront ourselves with the reality out there. For example, I could be living over there and take you home with me.

O: Oh yes, that would be great – lets have a look whats been written about this in the script.

K: Yes, and there we can also look up what we should be saying about K2ao…

Dear Friends and Comrades, Families,
we would be happy to see you on Saturday, July 5, at after the butcher in order to entertain you with art.
Bohemia‘ is being typed into computers these days quite frequently, especially in Berlin, in order to justify a certain type of work that connects with a certain type of lifestyle quite nicely. In Munich we also had a bohemian scene at the turn of the millennium, the one before the last one, and because we think that this one was a bit more interesting, and because we come from there, we are investigating that phenomenon already quite a while. This inquiry seems to connect with other things in our heads and we call it work what comes out of it.
Its not only the Cosmic Circle, Fassbinder, Mary Wigman and ‘das Kapital‘ that reaches out for you and us in order to join hands – its also painting and what can be done with it here and now. One year after Giti Nourbakhsch we are back to Berlin, this time like always, with good work… the mise en scene is humming like a motor… Lichtenberg is glowing! To hell with you all!