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#105, Anike Joyce Sadiq . Thomas Locher

“Apartheid was legal. The Holocaust was legal. Slavery was legal. Colonialism was legal. Legality is a question of power, not justice.”

Jose Antonio Vargas

(from Emila Roig, Why We Matter, Aufbau-Verlag 2021) 

after the butcher, exhibition space for contemporary art and social issues cordially invites you to a discussion event with 

Kerstin Stakemeier, Anike Joyce Sadiq, Thomas Locher and Helmut Draxler.

The discussion will take place in the context of our current exhibition by Anike Joyce Sadiq and Thomas Locher. 

The works of both artists deal with elementary questions of law – Anike Joyce Sadiq in the context of German colonialism, Thomas Locher in the context of war and the question of whether soldiers may be labelled as potential murderers. 

Both works are highly topical in politically polarised times. They develop a concrete concept of law as an elementary pillar of the power of the state. And they make it clear that this pillar is not static, but in constant motion and development: what is right and wrong is a question of the balance of power between us, the forces of society and the forces of the state.

The exhibition is open Sunday 7 April from 3-6pm

The discussion starts at 4 pm

Exhibition: March 2 – April 7, 2024

open by appointment: +49 1783298106

or mailto@after-the-butcher.de