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atb#99, romain löser & wendelien van oldenborgh

Opening: Friday August 18, from 7pm
Exhibition: August 19 – September 17
visit by appointment: or +49 178 3298 106 

This exhibition brings together two artistic voices in an attempt to neither emphasise nor deny clearly existing differences in form and content. Romain Löser and Wendelien van Oldenborgh belong to different generations, and when it comes to measuring possible harmonies or dissonances between their artistic practices, it is easy to see that both work mostly in different media, each with their own themes, techniques and conceptions of the public. Nevertheless, their joint appearance at after the butcher does not merely reveal vague professional sympathies or interests. Anyone who takes a serious look at the works by both artists shown here in spatial interlocking, can see a comparability in the movements with which they treat the sharp complexities in the contradictions they each convey.

The exhibition is accompanied by a text by Clemens Krümmel:

During the opening on 18 August, Lina Campanella performed Clemens Krümmel’s text, producing hiphop and gabber beats that refer to van Oldenborgh’s film and the contrasts and polyphony of both artists’ works.

atb#97 A Call to a Relationship 

Elisa T. Bertuzzo and Sambaran Das

curated by Alice Creischer and Andreas Siekmann 

Exhibition: May 20 – June 18

Opening: May 19, 2023 from 7pm

open by appointment: 

or +49 178 3298 106

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after the butcher

showroom for contemporary art & social issues

after the butcher is a project space by artists for artists. Those invited to do a show will be asked to develop a work for this space. The showroom will be an opportunity and platform to present work of not so well-known artists. We are very much looking forward to a good collaboration with the artists and other cultural laborers in Berlin. [MORE]

Spittastr. 25, 10317 Berlin
open by appointment or at events

Telephon +49 30 1783298106
Email: mail an after-the-butcher


Vebjørg Hagene Thoe und Stepan Mörsch

Artistic reflections on the complex realities of nuclear presence, SHARING AS CARING No7*, curated by Miya Yoshida

Exhibition: November 19, 2022 – January 15, 2023

Performance Lecture: December 10, 2022 and January 15, 2023 both from 4 pm with Stephan Mörsch und Miya Yoshida

Open by appointment:
0178 3298 106 oder

*Sharing as Caring is a project that reflects on the current conditions of nuclear presence in planetary perspective. The project began in 2012 with a series of small-scale exhibitions. It explores the political, economic, psychological and personal longings associated with nuclear presence.


atb#89 | Quirin Bäumler, Isabelle Fein und Selou Sowe

atb#89 | Quirin Bäumler, Isabelle Fein und Selou Sowe

Opening: Friday, February 18, from 7pm

Exhibition: February 19 – March 27, 2022

Open by appointment: after the butcher or +49 (0)1783 298 106. Please wear a medical mouth and nose protection.

About the Exhibition:

Quirin Bäumler, Isabelle Fein and Selou Sowe 

18 February to 27 March 2022 at after the butcher, Berlin

Everything is connected with each other. Some time ago we might have rolled our eyes in exasperation at this sentence, inhaling and exhaling in a contorted yoga pose. In the past two years, however, this wisdom has been made bitterly clear to us. How do humans, nature and technology influence each other, and what are the consequences for the macro and microcosms of the world? In this group exhibition, we look at that triangle from various axes of vision, zooming in on small, fleeting relationships and using a wide angle to grasp the power of globalization. The question of how the individual subject influences these connections is made material in the three artistic positions presented, as an interplay of control and chance.  

Let’s start with the microcosm: Isabelle Fein’s paintings and sculptures examine brief moments and constellations that either come to her by chance from the outside, for instance found photographs, or that she draws from within herself. Sometimes symbolist in nature, sometimes surreally humorous, her figures and animals emerge from the thin layers of pastel hues before us, communicating with us. Still lifes with brush, newspaper and cups of paint trace her work as an artist: it is a solitary but also meditative activity in which digressions from everyday life are intentional.  

Fein’s compositions carry something secure in them, which we can also discover in Quirin Bäumler’s sculptures. His three reliefs on view are made of hard plaster, showing lonely dreamy figures, animals or even a firmament of stars. Like screen monitors, they reproduce an excerpt—a still image from life—which Bäumler has alienated and fixed. While here the material has been cast, shaped and removed through a long, laborious process, his drawings are created intuitively, a psychogram of the moment. Predominated by motifs of death and mourning, we see the traces of two tragic pandemic years. 

Away from man, now, and towards the machine. Selou Sowe’s sculptures shimmer in a place between technical progress and industrial decay. They are objects that can hardly be classified: are we dealing with something organic or inorganic here? Is this thing still of this world or has it fallen from outer space? With a view to global connections and informatic achievements, Sowe’s video work shows the similarities between man-made systems and natural structures which have become clearer with advances in worldwide networking. In found-footage images overlaid with his own 3-D animations, an artificial voice-over raises the question of whether the demise of destructive power structures in a supposedly decentralized world would mean our salvation.  

This group exhibition is the first part of a long-term cooperation between After the Butcher and the young artists’ group Interspace Collective

Interspace Collective includes: Isra Abdou, Jamila Barakat, Frank Jimin Hopp, Heiko Thandeka Ncube, Selou Sowe, Mengna Tan, Laura Suryani Thedja and Alungoo Xatan. 

Text: Nadja Abt 

Translation German/English: Michael Baers  

after the butcher explicitly is in support of the open letter 

Who Owns the Public? on the so-called “Kunsthalle Berlin”/Tempelhof 

that you can sign here: