atb #42 | Make Efficiency a Pleasure

Romana Schmalisch

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25. Februar – 6. April 2013

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Exercise 30. Lifting and rolling with heavier tyre

Preparation: Tyre lying at right side close to the stance. Feet = together. Bending of knees and grip. Lifting of tyre to vertical = position with right step to right (next to tyre), left foot closes. = Rolling of tyre closely around the body to other side, gripping with = left hand. Right step to the right, left leg closing. And placing tyre = on ground knees bending. Repeat same to the left. Command: grip =96 step =96 close =96 roll =96 step =96 close =96 place =96= stand. Observe: that you are always near the tyre. That you perform the = movement as quickly as possible. That your legs and steps are very = mobile.

[The Laban-Lawerence Tyresoles Training Manual, 19th May 1942]