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atb #47 | Immer noch allein, Karriereseife?

Vivi Abelson, Nadja Abt, Carl Berzow, Ellie de Verdier, Dominik Gajarský, Marius Glauer, Mathiew Greenfield, Cornelia Herfurtner, Annika Högner, Fred Laur, Anastasia Mandel, John MacLean, Jana Mendelski, Lou Mouw, Johannes Ernst Nowak, Anton Nesretiep, Sarah Rosengarten, Johanna Stock, Johanna Tauber, Michel Wagenschütz, Franziska Wildt, Lisa Woite 

Opening Friday, December 7, 2013 from 7pm

Exhibition Dezember 8, 2013 -January 11, 2014
open by Appointment on 0179-9473040

Immer noch allein, Karriereseife?

Adopting this delicately charged question as its point of departure, Klasse Josephine Pryde / UdK, Berlin investigated ingredients of masculinity, in order to collectively produce some hand-crafted soap. The investigation of masculinity followed on from an investigation of feminism, which followed on from an investigation of infinity, which will by definition never cease.

Soap: I abject myself. In the very moment I spit, I establish myself. What am I?

Rectum: You might be anything that is, judging from what you say. But the way you smile, complacently, effervescently, bubbling away…I would guess you are a detergent, a dissolver of some sort. An inverted borderliner. Aligning to the rules.

Soap: Fuck, Rectum, it’s you!

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Masters of the Territory

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password: atb