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atb #42 | Make Efficiency a Pleasure

Romana Schmalisch

Exhibition February 25 – April 6, 2013
open by Appointment on ++49.179.6636 979 or ++49.163.1618993

Exercise 30. Lifting and rolling with heavier tyre

Preparation: Tyre lying at right side close to the stance. Feet together. Bending of knees and grip. Lifting of tyre to vertical position with right step to right (next to tyre), left foot closes. Rolling of tyre closely around the body to other side, gripping with = left hand. Right step to the right, left leg closing. And placing tyre on ground knees bending. Repeat same to the left.
Command: grip – step – close – roll – step – close – place – stand.
Observe: that you are always near the tyre. That you perform the movement as quickly as possible. That your legs and steps are very mobile.

[The Laban=96Lawerence Tyresoles Training Manual, 19th May 1942]

atb #40 | Thinking Like A Stone

Florian Zeyfang, Clemens Krümmel, Julie Doucet, Romana Schmalisch, Moritz Fehr

Florian Zeyfang : Clemens Krümmel : Guests
Thinking Like A Stone
with Julie Doucet, Romana Schmalisch, Moritz Fehr

Opening Friday, November 16, 2012, 7 pm
Exhibition November 17 – Dezember 30, 2012
open by appointment on +49(0)179.947 3040

Filmshow & Talk
Friday, Dezember 14, 7 pm
“Nowhere Man”, Japan 1991, Director: Naoto Takenaka 

«The pebble is not an easy thing to define. If we content ourselves with a simple description, we can say first of all that it is a form or a state between a rock and a stone. But this proposition implies a notion of stone that must be justified. I don’t want to be accused here of going back even further than the Flood.» Francis Ponge