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atb #32 | It’s all Chinese to me

Fouad Asfour, Ingo Gerken, Khwezi Gule, Bandile Gumbi, Amos Letsoalo, Sharlene Khan, Eva Seufert, Claudia Schneider

Opening Friday, 17 June – from 7 pm
18 June – 7 August 2011
open by appointment +49 (0)157 783 304 98

invited in the context of beyond language, an exchange project between South Africa and Germany, curated by Eva Seufert and Fouad Asfour, in collaboration with the Dead Revolutionaries Club, Johannesburg

After exhibitions, discussions, workshops and readings in Johannesburg, Soweto and Polokwane in winter 2011, for which Berlin based artists Eva Seufert and Ingo Gerken had been in South Africa, the exhibition in Berlin tries to focus on some of the raised questions.
Therefore we are happy to invite the South African artists Bandile Gumbi, Sharlene Khan und Claudia Shneider as well as the artist and curator of the Polokwane Art Museum Amos Letsoalo and the curator of the Hector Pieterson Museum Khwezi Gule.

The title of the exhibition relates to a constitutive misunderstanding in communication, caused by the volatility of meaning, which on the other hand generates the subversive potential of language.
The suggestion for direct speech would be to use language as material and material as language.

On June 30 Khwezi Gule, curator of the Hector Pieterson Museum in Soweto, will talk about the Soweto uprising against the implementation of Afrikaans as school language and the consequences of Bantu Education in South Africa.
for the first part of the project please visit : http://byndlanguage.blogspot.com/